Marcos’ Martial Law in Perspective

MarcosMartialLawWhich do you prefer? Martial Law under Marcos or allowing the Communists to take over in the 1970s.  3,257 Deaths were reported during Martial Law.  Martial Law was instituted to prevent Communism in the Philippines and most of these deaths were people connected to Communists.

Communists cleansed their countries of the wealthy landowners, businessmen, the educated, capitalists, the religious, and and purposely starved people to death for population reduction for more efficient resource sharing.  This is what Communism looked like in other countries.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh: 900,000 political dissidents killed
North Korea: 1.5 Million killed and starved to death
Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge: 2.2 Million killed (total population at the time was 7 Million)
China’s Mao: 2.2 Million political deaths, 45 Million starved to death
USSR’s Stalin: 61 Million dead
If there was no Martial Law, Philippines might have ended up on this list instead.  I’m not saying extrajudicial killings are right, but President Marcos did prevent Communism’s spread into the Philippines.  I’m not justifying whether Marcos was a hero or not, but just stating the facts and putting things into perspective.



Silent Majority is Silent Once Again

During the election season, the Silent Majority was so loud about the preservation of Democracy. Right now Democracy has possibly been compromised and they are ironically silent once again:

1) Marcos was leading by more than a good 1 million votes. He had the overwhelming support of the Solid North, INC, 40% of NCR and 40% of overseas votes. That lead of 1 million was eventually cut while the Philippines slept and Robredo takes the lead.

2) Several IT experts examine the COMELEC Transparency Server and noticed that a new command was written into the program at about the same time Leni started to catch up to Bongbong

3)Ateneo Instructor, David Yap, also noticed a trend and correctly predicted:

“Okay, I’m calling it now – by 92% to 93% BBM and Leni will be tied. I’ve been tracking the returns and the increments make the pattern so obvious. 40k every 1%”

“Starting from the 80% mark, BBM’s lead has been dwindling by 40k per 1%. Ang linis ng progression.”

79.65% 530,043
80.40% 490,310
82.08% 421,499
82.71% 389,818
83.84% 345,373
84.43% 322,584
84.90% 293,957
85.78% 248,466

4) David Yap is now scared for his life in presenting these details in a forum and has cancelled the forum.



Duterte and Economic Chacha…FINALLY!



What Rody Duterte’s New Constitution Should Have

President-elect Rody Duterte​, you’ve finally made it, and you’re destined to be put in a position to truly create a government that will finally work for the people.  The 1987 Constitution is proving more and more obsolete to the needs of the Filipinos and I hope that we will draft a Constitution that will be a living document that not only sets the standards for our future democracy but with the flexibility to grow with the needs of the people.  A Philippines Constitution that will shift our system to a Federal form of government will undoubtedly enable the flexibility, but would also bring democracy closer to the people to be active participants.  President-elect Rody, you have campaigned for it and it was one of the reasons you won my support and hopefully we can have a successful Constitutional Convention that drafts a true living document.  I would like to see the following changes made in your constitutional reforms:


1) Remove 60-40 FDI Restrictions across all industries: we need jobs and we need to take a deeper participation in globalization like the rest of ASEAN. I’m sure UP Prof Ernesto Pernia would even advise allowing 100% foreign owned entities. We have coddled the Oligarchy industries long enough at the cost of higher prices and lower quality of goods and services for the Filipino people.  Philippines experiences some of the slowest and most expensive telecom services in the world, and removing the economic restrictions would invite companies like Google, Duetsche Telekom, and Telstra to do business here in the Philippines to compete with Globe and PLDT.  100% by these companies would encourage greater investments in building cell cites, setting up retail stores, and local customer support.  All 3 of these activities would require hiring Filipinos and in the process provide more choices for the Filipino consumer.

2) Remove the Vice President Election: the executive branch should be unified. It’s a waste of election resources and the country has suffered enough with politicians doing backdoor maneuvers to discredit opposing parties in a divided executive branch. Also, a VP who is selected by the President ensures true will of the people until the next election should something happen to the President.

3) Change the Senatorial Election Process: we need regional representation from the upper house. The lower house is already broken down into districts from each province, we should now have Senators that represent entire regions. We should reconfigure the country into 12 regions with 2 senators representing each region. This will curb the monopoly of trapos who have the resources to campaign nationwide and level the playing field to allow newer faces to enter the political landscape. Currently the Senate races are being used as a prep for executive candidacy instead of forcing Senators to be more forward thinking with their legislations to attain that popularity. We need Senators who are working to earn a national reputation if they want to be considered President.

4) FEDERALISM! Increase IRA to 70% using current distribution guidelines to allow regions the resources to develop independent of the national government. Make sure to reserve powers specifically when it comes to commerce and civic codes to each region so that we can experiment with legislations at the regional level before implementing at a national level.  For example, I like the idea of a nationwide restriction on Alcohol service, I still believe that the Federal government should set the standard of 3AM-6AM, I think in the spirit of true Federalism allow each region to decide which hours are best so if Davao wants to keep it at 1AM-8AM allow them since it still fits into the Federal standard.  This will allow the regions to experiment within those guidelines and if they notice that crime and alcohol related accidents are optimally low in one region, then other regions might copy those same hours.  It’s important that each region will be allowed to create their own regional constitutions so that it allows experimentation of civic codes such as marriage and divorce laws as well as tort law, which will come in handy with giving proper autonomous power to Bangsamoro.

Change is definitely coming, and I really hope that Constitutional Change will be done right this time.



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